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Should I have multiple sites as a law firm?

Should I have multiple sites as a law firm?

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In some cases, law firms and even single attorney’s run multiple websites at the same time. The question here is: is there any good reason for a law firm to have multiple websites?

The answer is both YES and NO depending on the situation. Ultimately, web marketers agree that the decision of running multiple domains at the same time should not be based on emotions like fear or competition, greed or excessive ambition. Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Come up With A Mobile Optimization Strategy

5 Reasons Why You Should Come up With A Mobile Optimization Strategy

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It doesn’t take a lot to realize that mobile phone usage and browsing the Internet from mobile devices is so widespread. In some countries like the U.S, mobile phone usage has almost reached 90% of the total population. In the case of Cyprus, 77,3% of Internet Users access the Internet on a regular basis from a mobile device and among the top 3 reasons of using Internet (from a mobile device) is to search for products and services online. Approx 23% of the users complete an online purchase. Read More

3 tips and considerations regarding online holiday shoppers

3 tips and considerations regarding  online holiday shoppers

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Since more and more online users feel the obligation to buy something for them or their loved ones when the season holiday is approaching, it would be wise to consider their ever-changing behavior and requirements for maximizing customer satisfaction and increase the profitability of your business. Last holidays, online merchants have tried to keep up with the user demand of mobile optimized sites, speedier shipping, and tech-optimized offline presence. Read More

Website redesign, 5 signs you need to look for

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Internet and the World Wide Web already counts more than 20 years of existence and yes, as you’ve probably guessed it, a lot of things have changed ever since. Websites are now more interacted and user-oriented than the past web 1.0 static area and websites designers should never stop performing website redesign procedures to adapt to the new trends and demands of the Internet algorithms. Read More

7 mistakes you should avoid while designing a website

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Nowadays, websites are important to promote your business. Especially, for start-up business, a best website design is important to attract potential customers. In today’s world people mostly go to the internet to find new industries, research them and also do online shopping.

It is essential for newbie entrepreneurs to have efficient website designs so it reaches properly to the million of peoples worldwide.But sometimes newbie business persons make mistakes while designing their company’s websites that it affects their business growth badly. Read More

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