It doesn’t take a lot to realize that mobile phone usage and browsing the Internet from mobile devices is so widespread. In some countries like the U.S, mobile phone usage has almost reached 90% of the total population. In the case of Cyprus, 77,3% of Internet Users access the Internet on a regular basis from a mobile device and among the top 3 reasons of using Internet (from a mobile device) is to search for products and services online. Approx 23% of the users complete an online purchase.
Therefore, with so many promising numbers, it will be much rewarding to seize the opportunity and come up with a mobile phone optimization strategy of your website.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should:

  1. It will automatically be reminded of your presence. If you improve current customer experience by incorporating a fully functional and interactive app with useful features, your uses will be constantly reminded of your company’s brand and website or online store. If you offer them additional extras with each download, they will most likely return and share the deal with their friends.
  2. You will make your website easier to access and interact with from a mobile device. Many mobile device users struggle to view a website that isn’t mobile optimized. In this case, many important elements like “but it now” buttons or Call To Actions may be missed or the website will be so full of content that it will be hard to navigate. A mobile friendly website will include all the important elements that must appear in a clean and organized way to enable better user experience.

    Redesigned website is fully responsive

    Mobile optimised website

  3. Your Sale’s Potential Will Increase. As mentioned earlier, in Cyprus 77% access the Internet from their mobile devices and the vast majority of these people search for products and services online. If you have an online business, this would be a great potential for you.
  4. You will get faster response rates. If you give out offers and coupons via text messages that are redeemable online, you will offer your users an initiative to visit your website. It works very fast from bringing you potential traffic and sales.
  5.  You will easily reach more Millenials. (Millenials are the group of population that are under 30). According to global stats, this group is the heaviest Internet and mobile device user with 85% on average using a Smartphone from browsing the net. Millennials are also the “easiest” target market to convince about new ideas and services as they are generally more open-minded.

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