Should you write about popular legal cases?

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Finding new ideas for attorney blog articles can sometimes be a bit of a challenge as you are trying to establish your legal presence online. While you should come out with your own blog post ideas, some general guidelines apply in regards to successful content. That  essentially means you can follow these to post content that is more impactful than the rest.

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How your law firm website can make or break your business

How your law firm website can make or break your business

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Ever since the arrival and spread of the Internet, things have shifted from traditional communication methods to more instant and digital based methods like e-mail, instant chats, and social media. Today’s law firms couldn’t be an exemption to this rule and the average client looks for attorneys online first to determine their decision on who they’ll choose. Read More

Why legal attorney would create buyer personas

How Client Personas Can Assist Law Firms to Improve their Online Marketing

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If you have a law firm website, you probably already know that quality of content counts to a great extend when it comes to marketing your website. However, the winning combo that gets you result is the combo of quality content and targeted marketing. Targeted marketing in this case is breaking down the market you want to reach according to its specifications and coming up with a plan to attract that market to your business. Read More

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