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Should I have multiple sites as a law firm?

Should I have multiple sites as a law firm?

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In some cases, law firms and even single attorney’s run multiple websites at the same time. The question here is: is there any good reason for a law firm to have multiple websites?

The answer is both YES and NO depending on the situation. Ultimately, web marketers agree that the decision of running multiple domains at the same time should not be based on emotions like fear or competition, greed or excessive ambition. Read More

How to Promote a Website Fast

How to Promote a Website Fast

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Ever wondered how to promote your website fast? When you have just launched your own website, promoting it to its fullest potential can be a very tricky process! The thing is, there is a lot of misinformation circulating the web on the ways to promote a website and it all comes down to one thing: there is no guaranteed foolproof recipe and there is no magic bullet that will get you results fast 100%. There will always be a risk of failure, no matter how hard you try to follow the so-called “guaranteed” tips and you’ll never know how exactly everything will turn out.

Read More

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