Crafting content for your blog is a must—but what really gets results is optimizing your content’s reach and potential. Some publishers think that the task ends once the hit the publish button and then move on to the next post. But, there is missed potential and opportunities that could be used to maximize the reach of a blog post. Here are the top three:

No 1: Inclusion of Internal links in your law firm blog posts

Internal links are basically links that redirect the visitor to another page or part of your website e.g. to the next blog post or your contact page.  These internal links can be used to increase your exposure as well as to boost customer engagement with your law firm website. Furthermore, potential clients can gain access that way to further info, without having to read one single page.

Another advantage of internal linking is that they help search engines index and recognize the pages of a website more easily, and this could be beneficial for SEO tactics.

No 2: Posting social media links/buttons

Many of your clients will find you at first through search engines, but if you want to multiply that amount of incoming visitors, social media optimization is the way to go.

This can be done in two ways: you can include buttons and links to social media for sharing through the end of the blog post, or post your blog additions the other way round directly in social media so your followers can check them out. There are special programs that can help you publish the same or multiple posts in all your social media accounts at the same time so you don’t have to do this by yourself, one by one.

It would also be useful as attorney to include a brief description of the content of each post or a lengthy title so your followers know what they are clicking on and the reason for checking out such content.

No 3: Send your newest blog post to your list of e-mail subscribers

Build an engagement with your audience by sending them a notification and a link to your posts, each time a new post is published. It would be wise here not to go overboard and bombard them with too many notifications for a short period of time or users may get irritated. This has to do with the frequency you publish which could be ideally 1-3 times per week. By sending them links to your new posts, you can increase the views for each post and if that post is good enough, people will take further action and share it.

If you can combine all of the above, you will be able to convert your efforts to real tangible results  or clients in simple words, just as many other law firms have done successfully.

If you don’t have the time or skills to optimize the content of your law blog post, contact us for a consultation.

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