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3 tips and considerations regarding online holiday shoppers

3 tips and considerations regarding  online holiday shoppers

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Since more and more online users feel the obligation to buy something for them or their loved ones when the season holiday is approaching, it would be wise to consider their ever-changing behavior and requirements for maximizing customer satisfaction and increase the profitability of your business. Last holidays, online merchants have tried to keep up with the user demand of mobile optimized sites, speedier shipping, and tech-optimized offline presence. Read More

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6 tips for taking great-looking and quality pics for your e-commerce store

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Whether you have launched your own website or sell items in popular e-commerce sites like Ebay and Etsy, the images you show to the public are just as important as your text descriptions. Customers are constantly being bombarded by hundred of pictures per page and only click on the ones that they find most relevant, high-quality, and eye-catching. Since, they can’t directly try the product, a picture gives them a glimpse of the physical attributes of the product and influences a great deal their decision to buy it or not.
Thus, having clear, great-looking and quality relevant pictures is a must to get more customers to buy your products. Read More

E-commerce and Christmas holidays

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With the Christmas holidays approaching, E-commerce is going to be something used by everyone! We can see snow all around our houses and it is hard to get out to shop for your clothes. Are you going to stay home and wear those boring old clothes? Worry not because the online shopping becomes a massive thing this holiday season.

christmass_shopping_1 Read More

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