Your personality portrait by Google



It is not a secret that Google collects and keeps the information about our interests and preferences. But not many of the Google users visited their profile to see what was collected. Although not all the information is openly available we still can see some of it. 

If you will follow you will find your overall profile that Google created piece by piece by combining your searches, Chrome history, and activity from sites, apps, and devices that use Google services, location history, history of your YouTube, and many others. Here you can find about your latest interests for example business services, news, holidays and cars. 

Within this info, you can also find your gender, age, family status, size of your company or company you are working, your household, and many more. If you press on the icon with the interest you can find how that info was collected. 

If you do not want to see ads related to a topic you can always turn it off.

According to Google, this info is being collected in order to display to you the most relevant advertisements. 

You can turn it all off, but then your ads won’t be relevant. 

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