Nowadays, law firm websites can utilized the power of automated tools and newsletter systems in their favor. These systems can help save valuable time and effort (as well as resources) and can be a great helping hand in your online business.
One of these email marketing systems is “MailChimp”. Despite its funny and not so professional-sounding name, this automated software has been used by many big and small law firms online. This has a wide range of automated email marketing tools, designed to streamline and speed up the whole email marketing process.
Here are its main features and what they can do for you:

  • It has ready to use email templates and designs. If you have no clue how to design an email that matches your brand or don’t want to pay some designer to do it, this tool has many different professional looking email templates to choose from. These range from simple and standard to ultra-creative and of course, some are in-between. You can even take one of the designs and customized it easily according to your needs.
  • Social Media Applications. Since social media are widely used nowadays, MailChimp also includes Social Media integration for spreading your message across various social media platforms.
  • Targeting/Segmentation features.  If you know a few basic things on email “rules”, you’ll already know that targeting and personalizing emails according to a specific target market is a must. MailChimp’s segmentation feature will help you segment your markets through crafting separate lists for each market segment and sending relevant emails for each. You can also check how many people have opened the email, how many have clicked, your bounce rates and other important metrics.
  • Subscriber profile notes. Apart from market segmentation, you can also take special notes on a client. For an instance, if you made a client offline and they handed you their email address requiring more info on their injury case, you can add a note for that client and send a personalized email accordingly.
  • Time Zone calculation. The system also calculates the time zones of your email subscribers so no emails are being send in the wrong time zones. This may not seem like a big deal but since many people access the net from a mobile device, they may get a beeping sound once an email arrives. Imagine if this occurs in a regular basis how much annoying that would be for that subscriber.
  • A/B testing features. If you want to test which version works best e.g. which template works best for your audience over a second option, you can use system’s A/B testing feature and metrics for each.

The price of the system is also affordable and typically starts from $10 per month going up according to the number of your subscribers.
The only possible minor con of using the system is that you’ll get many options that sometimes are unnecessary for your law firm email campaigns. This is not a big problem of course, in fact it is often good thing, but some may struggle to choose between the options the program offers. Still, there are no major drawbacks of using the system and it makes a good investment for managing your email campaigns successfully.

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