In some articles and self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Gurus (and companies), there are bold claims that you can enjoy overnight success from your web-marketing strategy,  is this true? The answer is mostly NO. Some easier niches can sort of bring faster results (not overnight but faster) e.g breakthrough product promotions, but in the case of law firm websites it would be almost impossible to reap so fast results overnight.

There are many experts and agencies who sell their services with this promise to entice law firm websites to accept their offer, but in reality, they can’t and won’t deliver exactly what they promise. Trust us, we know from experience as many clients tried others and realised they got nothing big as they were expecting.

If you want to weed out the truth from the myth, here are the top myths they’ll sell you:

Truth or Myth?

Myth No 1: You can get on top of Google. While there are websites that rank better than others, there are no steady websites on top that appear regardless of the query searches. It all depends on the keyword a user has entered, their location, their system/browser, and their browser behavior or other apps. If someone for example enters the query Limassol Lawyers, Google will display the most popular and relevant result to this query. However, if someone entered Russian speaking lawyers in Greece, other local websites will appear on top.  You simply can get on top of ALL general searches. People search for exact terms, and this is what Google’s (mostly) displays for that term.

Another relevant myth is that you can rank for a specific keyword on top of Google in a matter of few weeks. This isn’t possible and you’ll need large PPC spending to beat your competitors, with no guarantees that you still rank on top of them as some visitors will click on your ads with no real intention to find out more about you or buy your services.

What works: Ultimately, you need to optimize your content to fit these exact keywords and offer quality and value to the visitor that comes to your website, so that your traffic increases and you rank better in the Search Engine results.

Myth No 2: You need many pages to make your law firm’s website appear on top of Google. Again, some of these so-called experts will tell you that you need a large amount of pages to upgrade your rank results. This may work for larger firms of 20+ people, but not because of the number of the pages, but because of the constant quality and value they offer to their visitors, leads, and potential prospects. If you post a bunch of pages and posts with no real substance or value to the visitor, you will do nothing to improve your rank and Google won’t do you any favor. Remember, the quality matters the most, not quantity and here in this case, it’s not an exception.

If you too want to achieve your law firm website goals in a realistic manner and no empty promises, don’t forget to contact us for an initial consultation.

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