How To Drive More Leads To Your Law Firm

How To Drive More Leads To Your Law Firm Digidestination Ltd

Driving more leads to your law firm online can be a challenging task that many firms have little to no clue on how to set their plans accordingly so that they get more leads.The challenge here does not lie in the expertise of the firm and its promotion—the challenge is actually guiding leads from one phase to the next, through specific content orders and tools.

We are personally advocates of utilizing online campaigns as a the vast majority of law firm clients nowadays searches for lawyer and firm services online,  before they choose the lawyer that will  suit their needs.

The lead journey process is depicted as follows:

Visits-Leads-Marketing Qualified Leads-Sales Accepted Leads-Opportunities-Customers


The visits are the gross number of visitors visiting your law firm website/all the incoming traffic of your law firm website. The number of visitors can be checked through the Google analytics account for your website are labeled as “users”.


Leads are actually a portion of the visitors of your website that has taken a certain action suggested by your law firm website e.g. subscribed to your newsletter to receive the latest news on law services.

Qualified Leads:

When leads interact further with your law firm website after taking a specific action and express their interest in your law firm services after interacting with you, they become qualified leads. This stage is a often neglected by many law firm companies as they are mostly focused in attracting visitors and leads, without further actions and interactions with the clients before these stages. If for example your client has downloaded your guide on “everything you need to know on health care compensation” but you left no room for further interactions e.g. by suggesting a contact so the clients can find more or clarify their concerns, leads will only stay leads.


Opportunities are the phase of converting a qualified lead into a “perfect client” after the client expresses proven interest in your law services and you align the client’s needs with what your law firm can do for them.  You may for example offer them a free online and offline consultation and interact with them and answer their concerns, in a non-demanding way.


Customers, is the final and desired stage of getting your opportunities to sign a contract with you and become officially your clients. Customers at this stage are fully qualified to receive your services, following the previous, stages and are also known as the “Perfect Customer”.

It is vital here to come-up with a strategic plan/marketing strategy that will drive your visitors and leads into taking action and finally becoming your customers. If you only focus on the first two stages, you are essentially leaving out things to chance and you will decrease your odds and potential of finally acquiring qualified clients for your law firm.

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the process of attracting and converting leads, we will be glad to answer them. Just contact us to find out more.

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