Blogs may not be the norm in the Cyprus online market, but they have been used successfully by many big and small businesses online as a branding enhancement platform and a means to reach online audience.
If your online analytics reveal that you have a large base of readers checking out your blog posts, good for you—but ultimately, you’ll have to convert some of your blog readers to clients, if you want to make your blog profitable.

Here are some 4 ways to do it:

No 1: Consider your buyers’ personas.

A business that wants to really grasp and respond to the needs and characteristics of its prospect clients e.g. profiles of its customers based on age, gender, buyer habits, etc.
You may want to appeal to a wider audience, but if you really want to attract quality and specific/targeted traffic with more potential of conversion, you’ll have to consider and take advantage of specific buyer personas.

No 2: Never ignore your buyer’s journey.

A buyer’s journey is the mental process that goes through a buyer’s mind before they actually take action and make a purchase. It begins with the so-called “awareness” stage where the buyer acknowledges that they have a lack or an issue that needs to be resolved e.g. problem with keeping their weight. Then they proceed with the “consideration” phase in which they start seeking online or offline for possible solutions to their issue.

If you can offer your readers value at the starting stages and suggest indirectly solutions to their problems, you’ll increase your chances of turning them into leads and then into customers. Of course you have to consider both of these stages clearly and consistently if you want to get real, tangible results.

No 3: Include Calls-to-Actions.

After you have introduced your clients to your niche and offered them real informational value, the next step to completing your blog content is to include Calls to Actions. Calls to Action are usually either small suggestive phrase e.g. Share this post, Give us a call to find out more, buttons, graphics, or forms accompanied with a catchy phrase.
There are basically indirect commands that will lure your readers into taking action for your benefit. They can be done in many different ways e.g. with or without social media, and it would wise to experiment with different ways before you finally find the one that works.

No 4: Organize and personalize your blog posts.

Some folks may use automation tools here and they are perfectly fine, but regardless of the blogging platform you use, personalization is a must. You may, for example, group together blog posts according to their titles and add the proper tags e.g. “SEO tips. That way, users can find what they are exactly looking for more easily—and that means more quality traffic and potential for conversion for you.

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